Friday, January 27, 2017


The United States L1 visa is a non-immigrant visa which allows companies operating both in the US and abroad/Bangladesh to transfer certain classes of employee from its Foreign/Bangladesh operations to the USA operations for up to seven years. The employee must have worked full time for a subsidiary, parent, affiliate, joint venture partnership or branch office of US company outside of the US for at least one year out of the last three years. The US and non-US employers must be related in one of four ways: parent and subsidiary; branch and headquarters; sister companies owned by a mutual parent; or 'affiliates' owned by the same or people in approximately the same percentages. The L-1 classification also enables a new U.S. Company to transfer employees from Bangladesh to the United States to help establish one, with additional requirements.

 To Qualify for L-1 (L1A/L1B) Visa/Requirement of L1 Visa

n   You can be transferred to U.S. Company and work legally for a U.S. Company as Managers/Executives (L1A) / Specialized Knowledge Skill (L1B), to continue employment with an office of same employer, its parent, branch, subsidiary, affiliate, joint venture partner that employs you outside of the U.S.
n    Must be qualifying relationship (control/ownership) between the Foreign/Bangladesh Company & US Company. Minimum 5-10 full time employees need to maintain in U.S. Company or if qualifying parent, subsidiary, affiliate, joint venture business partner relationship exist between the U.S. and Bangladesh Company then the beneficiary / Bangladeshi applicant needs to maintain 5-10 full time employees
n    Managers/Executives (L1A)– can lawfully remain in the US for 7 years.  Specialized Knowledge (L1B) Skill - can lawfully remain in the US for 5 years.
n      The Office in the US can be brand new
n     The Beneficiary must be employed with Foreign/Bangladesh Company for continuous period of at least 1year within the last 3 years.

Advantages of the L1A Visa:

n Parent, branch, subsidiary, affiliate, joint venture partner companies don’t have to be 
     involved in the same nature of business
n      No size limitation of company
n     Can be transferred from one US affiliate to another
n Spouse and children under 21, are permitted to accompany Beneficiary and to obtain 
     employment authorization
n Premium/Faster processing is available for L1A and L1B Visa, thus ensuring an 
     adjudication in 15 days of receipt of the application
n      Expeditious Visa process
n      You can apply for Green Card under Multinational Executive/Manager Category just after 
     one year through same Employer/ business qualifying relationship to skip major steps of 
     Green Card Process.


In general, a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) is required to present a valid Form I-551, Permanent Resident Card (also known as a “green card”) when seeking admission into the United States.  Form I-551 is the primary evidence of an alien’s LPR status.  The bearer may use this card, in conjunction with his or her national passport, and any other appropriate documentation, to board a U.S. bound flight and apply for admission to the United States. In cases in which the LPR does not in possession of a valid Form I-551 (Green Card) or a passport with a valid Alien Documentation and Identification System (ADIT) stamp demonstrating LPR status, the alien may seek to obtain temporary evidence of his/her status.
Consular Section of U.S. Embassy, Dhaka can issue “boarding foils” to qualified Lawful Permanent Residents, conditional Lawful Permanent Residents and Lawful Permanent Residents who were issued a re-entry permit applying to replace lost or stolen green cards overseas.
You must apply for a boarding foil within (12) months after departing the United States. Before applying, please make an airline reservation as a boarding foil is only valid for thirty (30) days from the date of issuance. Also, you need to pay $360 fee online prior to your interview date. 

Please do not make any final departure plans to the United States until you have your boarding foil in hand. If you have been outside the United States for a year or more and did not obtain a Reentry Permit, you have lost your LPR status. In that case, you would not be eligible for a boarding foil.

The consular officer will inform you as to how and when to pick up your passport with the issued boarding foil. Generally, successful applicants receive their passports back within three working days. The Consular Officer determines the passport delivery date based on travel itinerary.
During the interview with the Consular Officer, you should demonstrate your eligibility for this service given all of the facts and circumstances.  No written decision is required in cases where the applicant is refused this service. Some applicants may be found permanently or temporarily ineligible to enter the United States.  In these cases, the Consular Officer will explain why you are ineligible.
Additional Processing
Some applications require additional processing.  While we realize the associated issuance delays may disrupt your travel plans, we must adjudicate applications in accordance with the provisions of U.S. laws. We cannot predict when the boarding foil will be ready. The Consular Officer will provide you with written instructions as to when to come and collect the boarding foil.